Prishtina, 22 April 2014 – The U.S. Embassy in Pristina realizes that the creation of court to deal with allegations of war crimes is a sensitive issue for Kosovo, however, this is an investigation that focuses on individuals, and is not a judgment against Kosovo’s collective efforts towards liberation.

“The creation of this court is the best option for closing this chapter of Kosovo’s history.  The United States is prepared to stand by Kosovo as it continues moves forward with this essential task,” the U.S. Embassy says in a statement released today in which it encourages the Government of Kosovo’s approval today of the ratification law on the Exchange of Letters between President Jahjaga and Baroness Ashton.

According to the U.S. Embassy, this decision clearly puts Kosovo’s long-term interests ahead of short-term political considerations.

“We now call upon members of Kosovo’s Assembly to sustain this momentum by approving the creation of a Kosovo court to deal with the serious allegations in the 2010 Council of Europe Report.   The world is watching to see whether Kosovo is committed to a judicial process that can impartially resolve these allegations with finality.

To move forward, Kosovo must deal with these allegations.  Failure to create this court will force other international bodies to consider these claims.  This will do immeasurable damage to Kosovo’s image and its Euro-Atlantic aspirations.  Deputies will best serve Kosovo’s interests by committing to a credible judicial process acceptable to the international community,” the statement from the U.S. Embassy concludes.




Të Rekomanduara