The U.S. Embassy applauds all of Kosovo’s citizens who went to the polls on Sunday to ensure their voices were heard in Kosovo’s democratic process.

In a press release, the U.S. Embassy says that the United States looks forward to working with duly elected leaders as they focus on the important work of governing, and implementing policies and programs that serve the needs and interests of Kosovo’s municipalities.  The United States remains committed to assisting in the development of Kosovo’s communities, including functional municipalities and investments in communities in the north of Kosovo.

“Despite reports of some irregularities — many of which were reported to Kosovo’s police and prosecutors — preliminary findings suggest that most citizens participated in a smooth, safe, and credible process.  The strong efforts by the CEC in close coordination with Kosovo’s police and prosecutors was a powerful demonstration that Kosovo is committed to the rule of law, and will not tolerate illegal behaviors that disrupt the democratic process.  The Embassy expects Kosovo’s police and prosecutors to continue their strong work, and remain vigilant in tracking down and investigating allegations of fraud and intimidation.

Initial reports suggest that Kosovo sustained the improvements of the first-round elections, and illustrate that Kosovo is fully capable of conducting credible and transparent elections consistent with international standards.  We encourage political leaders, who showed courage and commitment in supporting free and fair elections, to build on this positive momentum and pass genuine electoral reform in line with Kosovo’s European aspirations.

The U.S. Embassy also thanks our international partners, including the OSCE, EULEX, and KFOR, which guaranteed that all citizens could vote in a safe and secure process, and we look forward to the European Union Monitoring Mission’s initial assessment reports.  The apparent success of these local elections is another powerful demonstration that Kosovo is a sovereign state in control of all of its territory, which only bolsters its credibility as an emergent democracy with a genuine European outlook.”

Të Rekomanduara