Prishtina, 26 December 2013  - The Mayor of Prishtina from the lines of the Self Determination Movement, Shpend Ahmeti, and 51 councilors elected in the recent local elections, solemnly sworn at inaugural meeting Thursday in Prishtina Municipal Assembly.

In this solemn session, led by Feti Mediu, one of the oldest councilors of the Municipal Assembly of Prishtina was not present former Mayor of Prishtina, Isa Mustafa.

Ahmeti made oath before the national flag and the country one. He thanked citizens who participated in the elections thus ensuring progress of the process, peaceful elections, and less irregularities and thanked former mayor Mustafa for his contribution given in the last 6 years for Prishtina.

After the oath ceremony, the new mayor, Ahmeti and former mayor, Isa Mustafa, met for the handover of office.

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