Prishtina, 27 December 2013  - The Mayor of Prishtina, Shpend Ahmeti on Friday at a press conference introduced the new composition of directors of his cabinet with who will work in his four-year term.

He emphasized that by his decision has appointed Dardan Sejdiu as vice president of the Municipality of Prishtina, who will be also acting director for Economic Development.

The new chairperson of the municipality of Prishtina has appointed other directors too: Liburn Aliu – director of Urbanism, Arben Vitia – director of Health, Blerta Zeqiri – director of Culture, Youth and Sports, Xhelal Sveqla – director of Inspection, Ardian Gashi – director of Public Utilities, Nora Kelmendi – director of Cadaster, Jusuf Thaçi – director of Education.

While to the three other directorates, Ahmeti has appointed acting directors for 30 days in order to see their current situation and take a decision on the appointment of directors.

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