Prishtina, 24 March 2014 –  The statement of the Prime Minister of Kosovo, Hashim Thaçi that members of the parliament of the Assembly of Kosovo are delaying the adoption of the Law on War Veterans, has met immediate reactions.

PM Thaçi said that “the postponement of the Law on War Veterans is unnecessary and inexplicable”. According to Thaçi, for some time now the Government of Kosovo has proceeded to the Assembly the draft-law, and it is urgent for this law to go through its second reading.

MP form the ranks of Alliance for the Future of Kosovo (Aleanca për Ardhmërinë e Kosovës – AAK, Daut Haradinaj replied to PM, on his Facebook profile, saying that the adoption of this law is rather being delayed both by “Thaçi I” and “Thaçi II” government for seven years now. Haradinaj is convinced that it won’t be Thaçi or his Government that will implement this law.

MP from the ranks of Democratic League of Kosovo (Lidhja Demokratike e Kosovës – LDK), Alma Lama, has referred to the statement of PM Thaçi that deputies of the Assembly are delaying the Law on War Veterans, as a lie. On her Facebook profile she recalled that the draft-law had passed in its first reading as soon as the Government proceeded it to the parliament.

According to her, and based on the Regulation of the Assembly, MP have the right to make amendment for two weeks, while in the second reading they can do this within two months.

MP Lama said that the only person delaying this law is Hashim Thaçi, who for seven years never though of the war veterans, but rather deceived them.

Të Rekomanduara