Prishtina, 3 January 2013  – Re-elected Mayor of Skenderaj, Sami Lushtaku, escorted by the Kosovo Police escort, has taken the oath, which lasted only 10 minutes, with hundreds of  citizens gathered in front of the Skenderaj Municipal Assembly celebrating their Mayor oath.

Lushtaku  made his oath at a separate ceremony from the municipal councilors.

Otherwise, the former commander of the Drenica Zone, Sami Lushtaku, in custody together with the other accused of the so-called “Drenica Group”, under the charge of committing criminal offenses allegedly committed in time of war.

The Court of Appeal had approved the request dated December 6, 2013 filed by lawyer of Sami Lushtaku for the release of the defendant in order for him to take the oath as mayor-elect of the Municipality of Skenderaj.

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