23 Korrik, 2013
LPK joins forces with Lëvizje Vetëvendosje!

Prishtina, 23 July, 2013- People’s Movement of Kosovo (Lëvizje Popullore e Kosovës), with its structures in Kosovo and abroad joined the Self-Determination Movement (Lëvizje Vetëvendosje!) with the only aim to change social flow on the benefit of Albanian people.

The leader of Self-Determination Albin Kurti, in a press conference, Tuesday in Pristina said that People’s Movement of Kosovo had decided to join the structures of Self-Determination.

“At the ninth meeting of the General Council that was held on Sunday, Lëvizje Vetëvendosje! has approved the unification of People’s Movement of Kosovo (LPK) with LVV,” Kurti said, and he added that joining of LPK is a result of their several previous meetings.

Të Rekomanduara