Prishtina, 27 December 2013  - Technical and political dialogue with Serbia in Brussels has cost Kosovo budget millions of Euros, writes the newspaper “Zëri” and express regrets to the reader that despite insistence to provide exact figures of expenditure, such a thing was impossible.

The newspaper mentions that for this year, the Government of Kosovo to negotiate with Belgrade officials in Brussels has allocated about 800 thousand Euros, while on 18 May 2011, two months after the start of the talks, had allocated 541 thousand Euros.

According to the newspaper, the beginning of political and technical dialogue, 8 March 2011, local officials have visited the capital of Europe several times, expending money on flight tickets, exclusive hotels and salaries.

Chief negotiators and members of the working group, together with their “mega” staff, in addition to criticism for failing to strengthen Kosovo’s statehood, criticized on having spent indiscriminately in these talks, the newspaper “Zëri” writes.

Të Rekomanduara