Prishtina, 27 March 2014 – Member of the parliament from the ranks of Movement Slef-determination! (Lëvizje Vetëvendosje!) Glauk Konjufca  launched a series of accusations against the Kosovo government, and thus ignited a heated debate at today’s session of the Assembly of Kosovo.

He accused the officials of making continuous concessions  in regard to Kosovo statehood in the dialogue with Serbia, while accusing others who engage and spare nothing  for the strengthening of Kosovo’s state and sovereignty.

Konjufca mentioned of one of the meeting attended by (former Serbian Prime Minister Ivica) Dacic, who spoke on the behalf of the demand of mayor of municipalities of the Serbia List (Srpska Lista), who sat beside him, while on the other side of the table were representatives of the Government of Kosovo.

Deputy-Prime Minister Edita Tahiri, responding to these accusations, said that the government had succeeded in a short time to strengthen the state both internally and external. Tahiri spoke of the achievements of the government of Kosovo, mentioning that illegal structures had been dissolved and subsequently integrated into the Kosovo Police.


Të Rekomanduara