Prishtina, 5 February 2014 - Commander Joint Force Command Naples (COM JFCNP) Admiral Bruce W. Clingan, accompanied by KFOR Commander Major General Salvatore Farina, met with Minister of Interior of Kosovo, Bajram Rexhepi.

During the meeting they discussed about the overall security situation in Kosovo highlighting the great improvement that in this field had been achieved everywhere. This impressive advancement in the field of security is the direct effect and consequence of the ongoing normalization process, started last year, in the area.

Concerning this topic, Admiral Clingan underlined the positive and close cooperation with the Institutions in Kosovo and appreciated the key contribution of the Kosovo Police in terms of public security. High satisfaction has been expressed for all the activities conducted jointly by Kosovo Police, KFOR and EULEX, as a clear sign of the excellent synergy reached among all these Organizations.

“KFOR acknowledges the key role of Kosovo Police in the unfixing process”, said Admiral Clingan to Minister of Interior Rexhepi, “KFOR is so far satisfied that unfixed sites have been guarded by KP”.

Admiral Clingan also emphasized that “Kosovo Police reached an adequate level of sufficiency in dealing with the majority of events such as demonstrations, protests and riots in the south of Ibar River”.

About the challenge for the future the main effort will continue to be, as agreed by the Minister of Interior, in the North. Kosovo Police structure will be more sufficient in the North and the situation will be more under control also through the development of a specific Crowd Riot Control capabilities.

Admiral Clingan also expressed appreciation to the Minister Rexhepi about the ongoing process of integration of the former MUP members into the KP.

About the future, in order to increase the coordination and the cooperation between the Kosovo Police, as a 1st responder, and KFOR, as 3rd responder in the field of security, was decided to conduct joint exercise between the KP and KFOR.

Minister of Internal Affair Bajram Rexhepi  was fully satisfied of having the opportunity to meet and had this fruitful discussion with both NATO Commanders.


Të Rekomanduara