Prishtina, 21 March 2014 – President of the Republic of Kosovo, Mrs. Atifete Jahjaga, welcomes the approval by the Parliament of Kosovo of the draft-law on the amendments of the Law on the status and rights of the martyrs, invalids, veterans, KLA members and of the civilian victims of the war and their family members.

“Approval of this law is the first step towards the recognition of the status of the civilian victims of the sexual violence during the last war in Kosovo, by means of which victims of this crime shall enjoy the institutional support as do other categories of civilian casualties of the war. This law aims the recognition of the rights for a distinct category of our society, which has remained marginalized and excluded from the mainstream of our society for almost 15 year,” said Jahjaga in a press release,.

She underlined that the victims of the sexual violence during the war need institutional support, and today we are showing that we have matured as a society, by including them in our midst. This category of our society is in need of justice in order to heal their wounds.

Implementation of this law will contribute towards the fulfillment of the working priorities of the National Council on the Survivors of Sexual Violence during the War which aims the international and social coordination on treatment of this grave consequence of the war, by providing direct contribution on drafting of international documents and national strategies.


Të Rekomanduara