Prishtina, 11 April 2014 – Group for Judicial and Political Studies (Grupi për Studime Juridike dhe Politike GSJP) has presented, Friday a report “EULEX toward a final strategy, strengthening of law through EU integration”, where it points out that it is important that EULEX in Kosovo continue its mandate for yet another two year period.

Fisnik Korenica from GSJP said that this report, in principle, supports the continuation of the mandate of EULEX, which be an executive and strongly monitoring function.

“There are several  very negative indicators of rule of law in Kosovo which make necessary for Kosovo to have the support of a mission such as EULEX for at least a 2 year period, and this is a guarantee that Kosovo is  getting close to a European perspective through partnership with a supporting mission which does not lessen the sovereignty of state of Kosovo, but only helps it in overcoming challenges of rule of law and through a partnership that help our integrating path”, Korenica siad.

Bernd Borchardt, head of EULEX in Kosovo said that the future EULEX mission should focus on future priorities, in the strategic, monitoring and advisory aspect as well as in the implementation of agreements, in particular for the North.

According to him, EULEX would also, as a suggestion, like to have limited executive mandate and to complete what it has started when it comes to fighting organized crimes. He pointed out that civil society should win the war against crimes, while EULEX is capable of assisting, though not winning the war.



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