Brussels, January 16 2014 – The Head of the European Union Office in Kosovo and EU Special representative Samuel Žbogar, today in Brussels for the Structured Dialogue on the Rule of Law, was shocked with the news of the murder of Janićijević, SLS candidate to the latest mayoral elections in North Mitrovica and elected municipal assembly member.

“Whenever a life is lost, we should feel compassion. But in a situation so complex as it is now in the north of Kosovo, in the moment when fully legitimate and democratic institutions are being formed, such murder should be condemned and should not remain unresolved.

We call for full investigation, using all available forces of Kosovo police.

I understand that the assistance of EULEX has already been provided as it is the case every time the rule of law was in danger in Kosovo.

Let me underline once again that any use of violence to stop political change or confront a complex social situation is unacceptable. We should all work together, citizens of North Mitrovica of all communities, Kosovo forces of peace and order and international representatives, to defuse the tensions and to protect not only human dignity, but the most important people have – their lives.

I have personally met Mr. Janićijević prior to the first round of elections in North Mitrovica and again just last Saturday night when he sworn in as a municipal assembly member. I still remember his hopes that the political and security situation in the north would improve after the elections as well as his intention to contribute to that. My deepest condolences go to his family,” says Head of the European Union Office in Kosovo and EU Special representative Samuel Žbogar.

Të Rekomanduara