Prishtina, 3 January 2013  - Kosovo Government officials have warned that during the 2014, at least three breaks of more than a month will accompany dialogue process with representatives of Serbia, writes today’s Koha Ditore. According to the newspaper this will happen because the organization of elections in the European Union, Serbia and Kosovo.

However, officials claim that these electoral developments cannot produce the impact of the full termination of process.

Deputy Prime Minister Edita Tahiri, who coordinates the working groups responsible for implementing the April 19 Agreement, warning of breaks in the dialogue process has based on the practices applied so far.

“It is certain that the dynamics of elections affects by turning the dialogue on hold. It is a fact that there will be elections in the European Union, namely in Parliament, and it is restructuring in question, respectively new structures in the EU in general and of course, it will have its impact on the dialogue. Then we will have elections this year, too”, said Tahiri.

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