Prishtina, 3 November 2013  - The Central Election Commission announced the results of the 2013 local elections for municipal assemblies, on Monday afternoon, and announced that starts at the 24-hour deadline for complaints to the Election Complaints and Appeals Panel.

CEC chairperson, Valdete Daka, announced the results of the local elections in 2013 for municipal assemblies published on the official website of the Central Election Commission.

During this meeting, the CEC reviewed the report and recommendations of the Counting and Results Centre. CRC Coordinator, Burim Ahmetaj, informed CEC that it received sensitive

-According to results of the Central Election Commission (CEC), the PDK is the first party with 202,419 votes, followed by LDK with 191,362 votes, AAK – LDD is third entity with 104,792 votes.

Self-Determination Movement ranked as fourth entity with 60,966 votes, AKR with 36 thousand 893 votes, while the Justice Party (PD) in these elections received 16,350 votes.

List “Srpska” which has competed for the first time in these local elections received 21,761 votes.

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