Prishtina, 23 April 2014 –Two associations that have derived from the war of the Kosovo Liberation Army – the Association of Families of  KLA Martyrs and the Association of KLA War Invalids, have voiced against the establishment of a Special court for war crimes, citing a series of reasons.

These two associations, thorough a public statement, has called on members of the parliament not to vote in the Assembly of Kosovo such a court, reminding that that this way they would at least preserve their personal dignity, and justify the trust bestowed on them by the people when they were chosen to protect their freedom and rights.

“We make you aware of your moral and political obligations to protect the vote of the people and not misused for the need of daily politics, whichever it may be, even when it comes from our friends who have helped the liberation of Kosovo”, the statement reads.

Members of these associations also warn members of the parliament that “if they adopt such a court, they will bear all the unseen consequences regarding the Kosovo public opinion but also by those who have dies or were crippled for Kosovo’s  freedom  today.

Të Rekomanduara