Prishtina, 22 April 2014 –Speaking on “Puls” on the Kohavision, Naim Maloku, a security expert, while speaking about the work of the institutions of security, its successes and failures, said that it had been a mistake for police officers to become inspectors in the Kosovo Police Inspectorate.

Maloku said that there a need for a reform in the Kosovo Police, and has mentioned the theft in the evidence rooms in Prishtina and Peja, the biometric passports affair, numerous resignations from the Kosovo Intelligence Agency due to, as he put it, relations with the chief of the KIA. He said that Kosovo Intelligence Agency and Kosovo Police Inspectorate are overstaffed, and he emphasized that a police officer cannot oversee another police officer.

Maloku added that the Kosovo correctional Service has alos failed along with a big part of judicial bodies, and he illustrated this with the establishment of the Special Court

This, according to him, shows that Kosovo has failed, not only Minister Hajredin Kuçi, which in these three years had not succeeded in convincing the international  factors that we have an independent court system and an independent correctional service.

Të Rekomanduara